Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Vauxhall Cross development consultation

If you live in the Vauxhall area then, unless you’ve been walking around with your eyes held firmly shut, you cannot have failed to notice the massive development works currently underway in Vauxhall Cross.

Official figures estimate that the Nine Elms on the Southbank regeneration project, of which Vauxhall is at the centre, could bring 25,000 new jobs and 18,000 jobs to the area. However, one of the major obstacles to this is the huge volume of traffic in Vauxhall, and TfL are developing their proposals to the domination by vehicles. As well as being a vital part of London’s strategic road network, Vauxhall is at the centre of London’s major transport interchanges, serving 30 million rail, tube and bus passengers a year.

In spite of this strategic importance, the one-way road system leads to a Vauxhall that is dominated by motorised vehicles, disregarding the fact that public transport users, cyclists and pedestrians account for 90% of all journeys during peak hours.

TfL proposals, including a two-way working on the roads immediately surrounding the transport interchange; A reversal of the one-way system at Harleyford Road, Durham Street, Kennington Lane; and new and improved public spaces, are aimed at creating a safer and more pleasant environment for pedestrians and cyclists. (For more details check out the website here).

These plans are still very much in an embryonic stage and there is an opportunity for all of us to have our say, to help shape this development into something that works for all of us.

From 10th November to 19th December TfL will be running their first consultation (a second will come in late 2015 which will outline the benefits and impacts of proposed changes in more detail). This is an important chance for us all to offer our views to shape the developments in Vauxhall.
These consultations are our chance to get involved to ensure that taxpayers money is used to the benefit of ordinary people and not just big business. These consultations really do shape policies, and only by getting the views of local people can we continue to celebrate and support Vauxhall’s existing character, culture, communities and businesses.

To have your say follow this link to the Vauxhall-cross consultation page

We should all be able to have our say on how tour city is run, which and there are a number of consultations being held for Londoners on each and every strategy the Mayor produces. To see the full range, see the London Government consultation page

Share your views and have your say! This is our city, we deserve a chance to make sure that these regeneration projects work for us.

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