Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Greens lay White and Red poppy wreaths at Lambeth Town Hall on Remembrance Sunday

Councillor Scott Ainslie and co-convener of Lambeth Green Party Pete Elliot laid white poppy and red poppy wreaths at Lambeth Town Hall on Remembrance Sunday.

Pete served in Northern Ireland, the first Gulf War and Iraq (2005).

White Poppies have been laid since before the Second World War by veterans and others who want to remember casualties on both sides as well as civilian deaths, and believe that remembrance should involve a commitment to active peacemaking. The Red Poppy, according to the British Legion, represents remembrance of the deaths of those who fought for Britain.

The ceremony at Lambeth Town Hall was specifically to remember those staff from Lambeth Council who fought and died, so the Green Party was asked to lay the white poppy wreath after the formal wreath laying had ended. The Green Party played a full part in the other ceremonies at Stockwell and Streatham, also laying white and red wreaths.

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