Monday, 24 November 2014

How much does Lambeth spend on housing repairs and how much on management?

According to Lambeth BCs published accounts for 2012/13 they spent £75.3million on supervision and management and £26.7million on repairs and maintenance. See

The self-financing settlement was based on expenditure on management of £32.9million and expenditure on maintenance of £45.7million. See

In terms of maintenance expenditure per dwelling, the self-financing settlement was based on £1,793 whereas actual spend in 2012/13 was £1,047.

Actual spend in the neighbouring inner London boroughs was:
·         Southwark £57.0million (£1,470 a dwelling)
·         Wandsworth £24.0million (£1,406 a dwelling)

So they are spending nearly £750 per dwelling less than they and the government assumed on maintenance, and more than twice as much on management. 

You might say it's no wonder they are going around demolishing rather than refurbishing, if they are leaving their homes to rot like that!

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