Friday, 6 July 2012

Lambeth Council finally agrees to pay some contractors a Living Wage

We have for many years been pushing Lambeth to pay a Living Wage to all its employees.

This included, in 2009, a motion by Green Councillor Becca Thackray to commit Lambeth to a Living Wage policy. However Labour tabled an amendment which excluded sub-contractors.

It is good news therefore that finally, after years of pressure, Lambeth have agreed to pay some subcontractors a Living Wage.

However, whilst Labour has blocked and delayed, Lambeth's chief executive has moved steadily up the league table of council executive pay.

His pay is over 17 times the minimum wage earned by some of Lambeth council sub contractors and over 13 times the Living Wage which the council pays its direct employees.

What Lambeth should now be looking at is a 10:1 pay ratio where no one earns more than ten times the salary of the lowest paid employee or worker.

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