Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cites for Clean Air: London 2012

There's a conference & unconference which will be of interest for all those campaigning for better air quality.

DATE: Saturday 14 July 2012, 10.30 am – 5 pm

VENUE: University London Union, Malet Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7HY. Nearest tube: Goodge Street.

WHO: This event is aimed at the general public who want to see good air quality in their neighbourhood and beyond. You don't need to be an expert. There's no admission charge, and this is the founding meeting of the Network for Clean Air.

WHY: There are seventeen places in the UK which will not achieve limits for harmful air pollution (NO2) within legal EU limits by 1 January 2015. Indeed, one of them, Greater London - won't achieve these limits until about 2025. Local authorities and national government need the engagement of civil society to bring forth adequate measures to control pollutants, improve public health and the quality of life. In London alone, poor air quality leads to the premature death of about four thousand people annually (that’s about the same as the ‘great smog’ of December 1952).


Morning - Conference - invited speakers

* Legal Action for Clean Air in the UK - Alan Andrews, Client Earth
* Why Air Pollution is Bad for Human Health - Dr Ian Mudway, MRC-HPA Centre for Environment and Health, King's College London
* London Air: the Politics, the Vision - Jenny Bates, Friends of the Earth London Campaigner

Other speakers to be confirmed

Afternoon - Unconference - workshops, discussions

Share your knowledge and experience; discover new approaches; learn with others; meet new friends.


To register for the conference (not essential but recommended), receive final conference details and an occasional newsletter then email: contact at cleanairuk.org More at: www.cleanairuk.org

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