Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Deaf and disabled Londoners' Manifesto

Inclusion London have emailed to say I am the only candidate in Lambeth and Southwark backing their deaf and disabled Londoners' manifesto (they apparently approached all the candidates).

As Inclusion London points out, the Mayor has a range of powers that directly impact on the 1.4 million Deaf and disabled people living in London.

The manifesto calls on the Mayor and the London Assembly to make Deaf and disabled people a priority and to take specific and measurable action in nine areas to end exclusion and discrimination, improve quality of life and promote the equality and inclusion of Deaf and disabled Londoners.

It's been great that the Green Party has emphasised these issues in terms of its own policies - with its own specific manifesto for disabled Londoners, but also making its policies and materials available in a range of accessible formats.

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