Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Will 'social cleansing' come to Lambeth?

As we highlighted a couple of weeks ago, Lambeth has the second highest council house waiting list in London, second only to Newham.

The news that Labour-run Newham council is looking to ship out its poorest families to places like Stoke (branded 'social cleansing' by some), should also be a worry to residents in Labour run Lambeth.

As Lambeth council implements its program of cuts, it will be looking for savings wherever it can. Despite the fact that Lambeth also has the second highest number of empty homes in the capital, it isn't handing them over to people who really need them in any great numbers. In fact, it is evicting people who have invested in these short-life properties and selling the housing off to developers.

The option to ship people out of the borough must have at least crossed their mind.

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