Monday, 11 February 2008

Taser Fear for Lambeth Bobbies

Electric shocks for the Bobby on the beat

Tazers – American handheld weapon that deliver a massive electric shock – are to be trialled by the Metropolitain’s rapid response teams in the next few weeks… without being made available to the ordinary police on the front line


Community Police Consultative Group and Green Party member Shane Collins said:

‘We appreciate the value of these weapons for a rapid response team. The ability to incapacitate without doing long-term damage is clearly very useful.

'However every new weapon given to the police encourages more criminals to go armed and to use their weapons earlier. Giving this equipment to some police but not others may place Lambeth’s local police in danger.'


Tazers are available to buy over the counter in America, and it may be difficult to stop criminal gangs from acquiring them once they have been introduced to the UK.

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