Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Green Light for Lambeth Recycling

But more needs to be done

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Lambeth exceeded its recycling targets this year with nearly a quarter of all household waste being recycled or composted. In 2008, energy-saving lightbulbs will join the long list of items that Lambeth residents can get recycled.

Becca Thackray, green party councillor for the Herne Hill war said: ‘It’s great news that we passed our targets for 2006/7, but more needs to be done. A proper recycling regime keeps our Borough beautiful, reduces waste and saves money. Bexley managed to recycle 40% of their waste last year, and that’s the kind of level we should be looking to achieve.”

We've created a rather fine map of Lambeth's recycling facilities to help you with your own personal targets, which you can see above.


Anonymous said...

From where I live I can recycle in orange bags (cans, some plastic), glass bottles, paper, cardboard, cans, tins and plastic lined juice cartons. I have signed up for re-cycling garden waste, although I maintain three compost heaps. I can recycle bulky items, wood and metal by making a phone-call to Lambeth, who will arrange a pick-up. So I don't think I need to know where general recycling points are.

Currently and obviously being a Green Party Member I don't have a car. How do I recycle clothes, old sheets, blankets, etc and paint

Three wheeled one said...

I have a suggestion on my blog here:


for adding wormeries to Lambeth Council's list of items that one can purchase at a subsidised rate.