Sunday, 8 April 2012

The 3S petition to get a sauna, steam room and solar panels at the new Streatham Hub Leisure Centre

At the Streatham Hub meeting at the end of February, at which we got a review of disabled facilities at the new Streatham Hub development, it also came to light that the new Leisure Centre would not have a Sauna or Steam Room or solar panels on the roof.

The old leisure centre was popular because it had these facilities - particularly valued by many older people and those with health problems. Given what we have been doing to get solar energy going in Streatham, as well as Brixton, this seemed like a huge missed opportunity to use solar power.

The strength of feeling at the meeting about this took me by surprise. There is a real feeling that Streatham is continually short-changed by the council. And this seems to be another clear example. So I got together with Scott Ainslie and we worked up this petition.

It reads:

"We the undersigned urge Lambeth Council and Tesco to put in Steam Room and Sauna facilities and install revenue generating and CO2 reducing Solar panels.

"This 3S petition calls on Lambeth Council and Tesco to make sure that the project is a success by putting the following in place:

"Solar Panels could be economically viable if the local community invests in them. There is a newly formed community-owned renewable energy company willing to help ( Solar panels would provide a visible statement and demonstration of a true commitment to environmental sustainability.

"Steam Room and Sauna, which are an excellent and important part of any health and happiness routine for people using swimming pools. It is a normal part of any modern health club. The old facilities in Brixton, Clapham and Streatham contained them, only Streatham stand to lose them. If these were close to the pool, as they are at Putney Leisure Centre, it would allay the concerns that Lambeth has for inappropriate behaviour."

It has been launched in the name of Transition Streatham, as we want it to attract cross-party support.

You can sign the petition here

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