Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Big Green Jammboree - in pictures!

The Green Calendar is absolutely packed. Not content with campaigning on issues such as air pollution and housing, attending hustings all around the borough and going out to show support for our community at events such as Reclaim: Brixton, the Greens of Lambeth are also fast becoming a one stop shop for quality entertainment. We've held a film night, we've got a vegan cooking workshop with the award winning Tony Bishop-Weston coming up in May, and last week we were down at the Brixton Jamm putting on a musical extravaganza!

We teamed up with Jamm's label, Hostage Music to deliver a truly bodacious night with performances from the Vex, Shame, the Corduroys and Rob Love from Alabama 3. From our side we'd like to say an absolutely huge thank you to the incredible talents that are Blasby, Rachel D'Arcy, Hornman and the Discount Orchestra. One of the night's most memorable moments came well after midnight, (when sadly the photographer had gone home) the Discount guys had absolutely everyone (including our very own candidates and Councillor!) swinging around in a frenzy of speed-folk gypsy-stomp. We wanted to deliver a pre-election knees up for everyone who's put so much time & effort into campaigning, and it's safe to say that's what was delivered.

Here's what happened...

Hornman are one of those bands you absolutely have to see live. The bass lines ripple through the floor, the melodies wrap around you and your feet move before you've told them what to do. They don't need to be told, you're dancing. And moreover you're having a fabulous time. The vocals are ethereal and the funk is infectious. Once again, Hornman, we salute you!

Don't believe me, ask the crowd... They loved it!

Mary was there, highlighting the Green cause and raffling the night away...

And who but our very own Scott Ainslie to announce it? 

At this stage we'd like to say another massive thank you to Brixton Cycles, who donated the extremely generous top prize... making this local business owner extremely happy!

Brixton Cycles are facing their own struggle and an uncertain future as their current premises face demolition. They're London's oldest, worker-owned, community focused bike shop. They have our full support, please lend yours and follow updates on or @SAVE_BC on Twitter.

Meanwhile, next door, there were some spoken words from the legendary Potent Whisper on the Arches and the future of Brixton. It resonated with the crowd...

 This was followed swiftly by Rob Love & friends...

And we finished on a high note, the absolutely unforgettable, genre-defying gods of dance floor stomp; the Discount Orchestra!

Thanks to everyone who came, details of upcoming events are available on Twitter & Facebook:

We hope to see you soon, and we leave you with a competition. Go to and download their EP (for free!) to win tickets to Boomtown Fair and/or Wildheart festivals!

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