Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The starting gun's been fired: 3 events in 3 days.

The starting gun was been fired for the London election race, and Lambeth Green Party will be swinging into action this weekend across the borough.

This year we have a great opportunity to increase our vote share in Lambeth & Southwark from the 11% we achieved in 2008. And because of the proportional voting system for the London Assembly every vote really counts. This is a real chance to increase the number of Greens on the London Assembly.

We have already had some solid local and national press, TV and radio coverage. We have also delivered around 25,000 copies of Green News in the last few months in Lambeth alone.

There are *three things* you can join in with in the next few days:

1. This Friday 23rd March Jean Lambert MEP and our mayoral candidate Jenny Jones will be coming to highlight issues of transport accessibility in Lambeth.

2. This Saturday 24th March we will be running a stall during the day on Clapham High Street.

3. This Sunday 25 March we will be having a joint Action Day in Herne Hill with Southwark Green Party. We are aiming, amongst other things to get around 10,000 copies of Green News out during the day.

Do come and join us. For more information get in touch: lambethgreens (at) or follow us on twitter:@lambethgp

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