Monday, 30 January 2012

Cleaning up Lambeth

Whilst there's an important big issue around cleaning up mismanagement, and some have suggested 'endemic corruption' in Lambeth Council, there's also the stuff that directly affects people's everyday lives.

Lambeth Greens have been highlighting, and pushing the council, to do far more with regard to the basic tasks that Councils should be performing around maintaining Lambeth's Streets - from fixing potholes so that the roads are better for cycling to getting rubbish cleared.

As part of that's we'll be reporting on this blog periodically what we are doing. By way of example, I have just reported this dumped rubbish including recycling bags and bits of old wood spilling out onto the pavement opposite St Leonard's School on Mitcham Lane at the bottom of Keen's Close in Streatham. It's been accumulating for a few days, and is a regular dumping area which Lambeth never seems to deal with.

I'll provide an update here on when it gets cleared (and if it returns!).

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