Sunday, 24 October 2010

Protest against the cuts - demo this Saturday!

Join us in Brixton this Saturday 30th October to protest against the coalition government's brutal cuts. These cuts are unprecedented in scale, will wreck local services and will hit the poorest hardest.

The demonstration - in Windrush Square, central Brixton, from 12:30 - has been called by Lambeth Save Our Services, Right to Work, NUT, Unison, UCU, Lambeth Pensioners and Lambeth Green Party.

Greens are strongly opposed to the government's cuts programme. We take the deficit seriously, but rather than getting the economy back on its feet the government's plans risk making things much worse by putting huge numbers of people out of work, reducing vital services and making the poorest and most vulnerable people pay most.

Instead of cutting vital services the Council could make savings in the following areas:

  • Reducing salaries for top council executives - A number of senior council employees are paid more than £100,000 per year. Greens say the public sector cannot afford to pay such exorbitant salaries at a time when vital services are under threat
  • Saving money by conserving energy - Big cash savings are possible if we make our schools, libraries and other council buildings more energy efficient
  • Reducing administrative and management costs by co-operating with other public sector services
  • Reducing money spent on expensive consultants, glossy PR and spin
Read more about the Green Party's policies on the cuts here.

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