Monday, 7 June 2010

Tatchell urges Tulse Hill to vote Green

Well-known human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, is urging Tulse Hill voters to back the Green candidate in the coming by-election.

Tatchell has led human rights campaigns for over 40 years and won global fame for attempting a citizen's arrest on Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe.

In his message of support he says, "we Greens are the only party that wholeheartedly defends public services and working people. Our goal is a fair society.

"We've also got the best policies to stop climate chaos and ensure a clean, healthy and safe environment.

"I urge voters in Tulse Hill ward to support the Greens and vote for George Graham on 1 July."

Local campaigner, George Graham, was selected as the Green candidate last week.

The by-election follows local elections on 6th May in which Lambeth Greens fielded a candidate in every seat in the borough, and doubled our support for the third election in a row, gaining over 33,000 votes.

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