Sunday, 5 October 2008

Boris Stalls Elephant Regeneration

London Mayor Boris Johnson has put the vital £1.5 billion program of regeneration in Elephant and Castle on hold, concerned about Transport for London's £600,000 contribution to the project.

A new Mayor needs to examine the projects of his predecessors, but we are surprised Boris Johnson
is unable to support an essential regeneration project for one of the poorest parts of South London - especially when he so quickly found £30 million to scrap a charge on gas-guzzling SUVs and sports cars.

Lambeth Green Party Deputy Convenor George Graham said:
"Elephant & Castle should be an essential hub for everyone in Lambeth and Southwark. Instead, years of neglect and incompetence have allowed traffic to ruin the lives of its residents, and blighted its businesses.

"The regeneration is absolutely essential to all of us, but it is already behind schedule and without the support of the Mayor, may fail completely."

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Anonymous said...

I must say I don't agree with the Green Party's position on the Elephant and Castle.
Yes it very much needs something done but judging by the new building going up now, there is very Little change in thinking over what is there already -- more car centred high rise ugliness.

I am sure if it were called in something better could be planned. The green party should not just be Looking at the money to be had from taxes - that is how we got what is there now.