Thursday, 10 April 2008

Lambeth Green Party Supports Women's Right to Abortion

Lambeth Green Party are supporting national sexual health charity the Family Planning Association’s campaign to protect the current 24 week time limit for abortion. MPs and anti-abortion groups want to slash the time limit when the Abortion Act goes through parliament this summer. If they get their way, women in the most tragic situations won’t be able to get an abortion anymore. Lambeth Green Party says 'No' to attacking vulnerable women, 'No' to cutting access to NHS abortions and 'Yes' to supporting women’s right to choose.

Herne Hill Green Party Councillor (and nurse) Rebecca Thackray said:
"Women’s right to choose cannot be taken for granted. There are groups lobbying for all abortion to stop and they see reducing the time limit as a means to this end. I have no hesitation in adding my voice to the campaign opposing it.

Having worked in Family Planning Clinics I know that there are many reasons why a woman may feel compelled to terminate her pregnancy. I would question the suggestion that any woman makes the decision casually or that her decision should be made be anyone other than herself."


More details of the FPA campaign
Petition and online resoures

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Emily said...

I am pleased to see that Lambeth Green Party is supporting women's right to choose. Abortion rights were hard won and can easily be eroded.