Sunday, 2 March 2008

A Simple Way to Save Money & Energy

We've come across a couple of products that make it a lot easier to

save money and energy at home. They are so useful that we're proposing

to buy them wholesale and make them available at less than retail price

if more than 20 people are interested in buying them.

Money raised will go towards the Urban Green Fair 31st August 2008 in

Brockwell Park, Brixton and also to the Lambeth Green Party GLA election

campaign on 1st May 2008.

The items are:

The OWL Wireless Home Energy Monitor

A wireless electricity monitor displaying the cost of electricity use in

the home on a portable, easy to read LED display.

* Displays cost of electricity, energy consumption and greenhouse

gas emissions

* Separate displays for temperature and humidity

* No additional wiring necessary

* RRP £49.95. Urban Green Fair supporter price £40.

Standby Buster

Standby Buster is a remote controlled electrical socket that lets you

switch appliances off completely so that they use no electricity. Each

socket can take a 4 way adaptor.

* Fed up with wasting money and energy by leaving things on standby ?

* Can't be bothered to turn everything off at an inaccessible plug every

night ?

* Standby Buster Value Pack. Three electrical sockets and one remote


* RRP £29.99. Urban Green fair supporter price £24.

* Standby Buster Starter Pack. One electrical socket and one remote


* RRP £14.99. Urban Green fair supporter price £12.

You probably don't need reminding but if we don't make 80-90% CO2 cut in

emissions in UK by around 2020 we will go over the tipping of a 2C temp

increase and into a temperature runaway scenario more grim than we can

possibly imagine. Our home produces about a third of our CO2 emissions

so these products are a good way to start.

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